Warranty & Refund Policy - SADES / MAXSUN/ MADTECH/ INWIN

Warranty & Refund Policy - Maxsun, Sades, Madtech, Plextone, InWin


Warranty Terms:
This warranty shall be deemed null and void if:
1. The Product is damaged due to transportation, fall, weather, temperatures, misuse, improper use and modifications, mishandling or negligence
2. The Product is damaged as a result of natural disasters
3. The Product is damaged as a result of connection to inconsistent voltage sources.
4. The Product is damaged as a result of user failed to follow instruction or improper installation. Wear and tear or damage factor by user.
5. The Product is altered, modified and repaired by a party not authorized by distributor
6. Cannot provide the sales receipt or purchase proof or the invoice is lost, damaged or tampered.
7. The Warranty period has expired.

The warranty does not cover:
1. Installation of software
2. Parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear, corrosion, minor cosmetic abnormalities (dents, cracks, stains) including expendable or consumable parts.
3. Products where the model number or serial number has been removed, altered from product.
4. Defects or damage arising from computer virus attacks
5. Defects or damage caused by the use of third party optional products in conjunction with the product including software, batteries, etc.
6. Claims arising from any unacceptable use or care of the Product, including (without limitation) misuse, abuse, negligence, unauthorized modification or repair, unauthorized commercial use or any operation of the Product outside distributor's recommended parameters;


  • Maxsun Graphic card
    • Warranty will not covered if any damages to the components, hardware caused as a result of neglect, abuse, accidents, misuse, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress (including use of the Products for blockchain processing, cryptocurrency mining, or similar purposes).


Shipping/ Delivery: 

Maxsun, Sades, Madtech, Plextone, Inwin's product 
Customer required to arrange warranty unit to be deliver to the address below, highly recommend to include insurance for high value product.  


Repair: Customers are allow to visit sales office or send warranty unit to the address below for repairing or inspection. Please do contact us/dealer, for warranty appointment or provide further information. ALITRADE will not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit, do not entertain customer who refused to provide information/ refused to contact us. 

Refund: If the products has been used/ opened/ damaged by customer, there will not be any refund. Please do contact us/dealer to provide further information. ALI TRADE will also not be responsible if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm product, customer will received their refund within 14 days after the confirmation.

Packaging: Returned products will be checked with receipt & products should be in good condition in original shipping container as received. 

Visit: Customers are allow to visit our sales office on weekday from 12pm-5pm by appointment. Highly advice customer to inform us one day earlier before visit, in-order to arrange for repairing/replacement.




Please return your purchased to the following address:
39-3, Jalan SP 2/2,
Taman Serdang Perdana,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Malaysia.

03-8958 5331


Please contact us at 03-8958 5331 or WhatsApp 016-229 2638 (Ricci) if you have any questions or doubts.